The journey down under

My flight landed in a stormy Johannesburg enveloped by torrential rain, hail and lightning so frequent that we were unable to disembark until the wild flashes had subsided.  Once “safe”, the attendants lined up the steel stairs and we dismounted, as rivers of water gave our feet a good soaking.  As we entered the bus, hailstones joined us, swirling in through the open door.  Cold and wet, I finally entered OR Tambo Airport, and realized that I’d better make a plan – I had a long haul ahead of me.  For the first time in my life I had packed a tiny overnight bag, with only 1 change of clothes for Sydney, Australia – a short skirt, T-shirt and sandles wasn’t going to cut if for the next leg of my trip!  Thankfully, I had packed flight socks, so I changed my socks and put my Solomons back on (much better) and hung my soaked jacket over a chair in Mugg & Bean to dry, while I enjoyed a cup of chai tea and watched the planes outside negotiate the stormy skies.


My first pitbull

My first pitbull

Tasha, my first pitbull